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Play The Great Massacre Game

The Great Massacre

Action fighting game. Our hero Greg lost his immortal powers. Help Greg to get his power back.

Play Dragon Quest Game

Dragon Quest

Explore a deadly castle in this physics/platformer hybrid! Dragon Qwest has you on a mission to get bac...

Play Ultimate Arena Extreme Game

Ultimate Arena Extreme

Fight against the AI characters as you knock them out of the park. Earn enough knockouts to win.

Play A Batman Short Game

A Batman Short

Find your hero batman in this new adventure like a street fighter game.

Play Monkey War Monster Game

Monkey War Monster

Monkey War Monster

Play New York City Gangs Game

New York City Gangs

If you want to stay alive in the streets of New York City you have to compete against other gangs. Use ...

Play Death Planet The Lost Planet Game

Death Planet The Lost Planet

Kill all the crazy worms, and save your girl!

Play Transformers 4 Game

Transformers 4

Transformers 4 invincible version, infinite blood, all levels open . it is a 2p game, you can play it w...

Play Power Rangers Defense Game

Power Rangers Defense

Help Power Rangers kills all the shark in the deep sea and defeats the boss of them.

Play Super House Of Dead Ninjas Game

Super House Of Dead Ninjas

Return to the Ziggurat of Infinum! Play as the mysterious heroine, Crimson Ninja, and traverse the trea...

Play Comic Stars Vs Zombies Game

Comic Stars Vs Zombies

A large number of zombies are coming, you are the last line of defense. You cann't let them through! Op...

Play Cartoon Hero Game

Cartoon Hero

Choose your power ranger, hunting down the gangs of Monster and be the Cartoon Hero.

Play Assassin Sigma Chapter 1 Game

Assassin Sigma Chapter 1

Assassin and the monster of doom: Chapter 1, fire Dragon

Play Yan Loong Legend 2 2nd Impact Game

Yan Loong Legend 2 2nd Impact

The 3rd Game of Yan Loong Legend series, added new feature that enable player assign stat points after ...

Play Peon Game


ORCS are tough, mean and ugly right? But not all of them are the bad guys. This ACTION-RPG explores the...

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